Fitness Classes Designed For Teenage Girls

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Fitness Classes Designed For Teenage Girls

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The program is designed to engage and motivate teen girls in a fun environment. An environment to learn a new skill and have fun with their friends without having to be conscious of how they should act or feel in front of their fellow male peers and embrace their growing bodies whilst appreciating the importance of being active for the positive effects it has on their physical and mental health.
There is a strong emphasis on technique on all exercises performed to ensure that growing teens have the knowledge to move in the correct movement patterns in order to train safely and effectively with less risk of injury.

The program caters for all abilities and predominately involves boxing for fitness, bodyweight exercises and a wide variety of circuit sessions for developing strength and endurance as well as training methods such as Metafit and the Penalty Box Workout.
With regular participation in the program, the classes are aimed to increase self-esteem, decrease incidence of stress and anxiety and help to improve overall fitness. With determination and consistency, Jo-Anne believes that any barriers girls might have as to why they avoid exercise will no longer existed.

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